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Anisoprint 3D printers

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New dealer for France, get your Anisoprint 3D printer from us !

Anisoprint 3D printers are using a continuous fiber 3D printing technology to create strong and light reinforced plastic parts.

With Aura, the Anisoprint's slicer, a lot of settings can be tuned for configuring the 3d printing jobs. In addition with the fact that any material can be used, Anisoprint offers the perfect solution for experimenting this very promising Composite Filament Co-extrusion technology.

Currently, Composer A4 is available and Composer A3 will on the market this summer.

Technical information  : doc

Composer A4

  • 3D printing technology: CFC (continuous filament co-extrusion) + FFF
  • Printing envelope: 297 x 210 x 148mm
  • FFF Max. extrusion temperature: 270°C
  • Glass heated print bed, max. T° 120°C
  • FFF min. layer thickness: 60µm
  • FFF Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
  • FFF Material: any material which can be extruded up to 270°C
  • CFC Material : Anisoprint CCF-1.5K
  • FFF Print speed: 10 - 80 mm/s
  • CFC Print speed: 1 - 10 mm/s
  • Slicer: Anisoprint Aura (Windows)
  • Weight: 25kg


Anisoprint 3D printers get 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. We provide services for starting, training and maintening the Anisoprint 3D printers.

These 3D printers can't be purchased online. Please contact us for complementary information and quotation.


Pour les professionnels et les amateurs exigeants, nous proposons un très large choix de filaments pour imprimantes 3D ainsi qu'une sélection de composants et accessoires. Vous trouverez les plus grandes marques Colorfabb, Taulman3D, NinjaFlex, Reprapper, e3D-Online...

Importateur en France des imprimantes 3D professionnels 3NTR, contactez nous pour plus d'informations sur cette gamme qui offre le meilleur rapport/qualité prix du marché dans cette catégorie.