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POROLAY Filament Layfomm 40 3mm

POROLAY LAYFOMM 40 filament - 3 mm - 0.25kg
W/o Tax: 21,75 €
Tax Inc.: 26,10 €
W/o Tax: 21,75 €

LAYFOMM 40 filament - 3 mm - 0.25kg

Limited quantities : 1 pack per order.

Created by the inventor of Laywoo-D3, the POROLAY is a family of revolutionary filaments in many ways. They are made of two polymers, a rubber-elastomeric polymer and the other a PVA-component, water-soluble. They are printed conventionally between 220 and 230 ° C. After immersion, the soluble component is dissolved, the object becomes like rubber, the internal structure has become micro-porous with the disappearance of PVA.

It’s time for you to explore all the possibilities and applications of this new filament, very carefully as always when it is experimental product.

Here are links to an article and a video.

Features :

  • Filament diameter : 3mm
  • Melting point : 190 - 235°C
  • Shore : A40
  • Packing: pack under plastic cover
  • Material weight : 0.250kg

WARNING : POROLAY-FILAMENTS are dedicated for experimental use for experimented users.

Made in Germany

Photos are not contractual.

2.85/3 mm
0.250 kg


Pour les professionnels et les amateurs exigeants, nous proposons un très large choix de filaments pour imprimantes 3D ainsi qu'une sélection de composants et accessoires. Vous trouverez les plus grandes marques Colorfabb, Taulman3D, NinjaFlex, Reprapper, e3D-Online...

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