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Impression3D - LokBuild Surface d'impression 203 x 203mm
Impression3D - LokBuild Surface d'impression 203 x 203mm
Impression3D - LokBuild 203 x 203mm

LokBuild - 3D Print Build Surface 20x20cm

Improves your 3D model printing adhesion
W/o Tax: 10,75 €
Tax Inc.: 12,90 €
W/o Tax: 10,75 €

Lokbuild - 3D Print Build Surface.

Lokbuild is a new print build surface that optimize 3d printed parts adhesion.

Lokbuild is a 3D printing surface for 3D printers.  It can be easily cut to fit the size of your 3D printer build plate.

It is more rigid than the others adhesives sheets and easy to apply to your build plate without bubles. LokBuild can be removed also easily without leaving residue.

You shouldn't need to clean often the surface. But if you have to, use alcohol wipes or similar.

Warning: Never use acetone, that would damage Lokbuild surface.


  • Protect your Build Plate
  • Improves Model Adhesion
  • Heat resistant
  • Reduces Warping
  • Easy Removal of printed parts
  • One Build Surface for most materials
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Format: 203 x 203mm

These filaments have been tested with LokBuild :

  • Colorfabb XT, Colorfabb Ngen, Colorfabb HT, Colorfabb XT-CF20, Woodfill, BronzeFill, CoperFill, BrassFill,
  • Ninjaflex, Polycarbonate,

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Pour les professionnels et les amateurs exigeants, nous proposons un très large choix de filaments pour imprimantes 3D ainsi qu'une sélection de composants et accessoires. Vous trouverez les plus grandes marques Colorfabb, Taulman3D, NinjaFlex, Reprapper, e3D-Online...

Importateur en France des imprimantes 3D professionnels 3NTR, contactez nous pour plus d'informations sur cette gamme qui offre le meilleur rapport/qualité prix du marché dans cette catégorie.